Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I made it.

I'll never be as good as my sister at blogging, but shoot- I've always wanted to do it. She's an inspiration to me, so here I go. Let me just start out with something that I think we would all agree on. Life is weird. I moved to Austin, Texas 6 months ago and I've never thought life to be more weird.

God has taken me through some crazy times in my life, but I feel like now is the most unusual and weird time. I guess the transition from a being a full time college student to being a full time working professional has taken it's toll on me. Did I mention I moved to Austin, TX as well? So as you can imagine, things are now starting to settle in. I am finding myself, often at a loss for words and just kind of confused as to when this all happened.

That has been sort of a pattern in my life. At times when I thought I "had a plan," God said..."my plan is better." It is at that point that he stops me from what I am doing, and literally takes over. It's at that time, when I have no control or handle on anything that I remember that I NEED JESUS. Does it make sense? No. Do I understand any of it? Not really. But God knows us. "Oh God, you search me and you know me..." Psalm 139. He knows what it means. It makes sense to Him. I can rest in that. Every night before I go to bed I read the word. I read the word of God and let God speak to me through it. It's not a guilty thing, I'm not reading it because I feel like I should. I'm reading the WORD OF LIFE because it GIVES ME LIFE. I need it, it is what we crave and hunger for- although we do not see it as that. Talking to God- praying to him and knowing that he is listening is my next step. Sometimes I can't feel God, and I feel like I'm praying for all of the same things- but he's there and he is listening.

think about your life.. think back and remember those hard times or those trials that you thought you were never going to make it through. You did it. You're here. Maybe your in the middle of something else, you'll make it. Maybe your still in the same thing you were in years ago- " take heart, I have over come the world." (Jesus). Press on- hold onto Jesus- come near to the Lord and he will come near to you. "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective..." James 5:16.

Wherever you are- I pray that you would feel God's peace, mercy and love surrounding you!

Psalms 121- I lift my eyes up to the hills, where does me help come from? My help comes from the LORD the maker of heaven and earth. AMEN!


  1. Great way to start my day! Thanks Girl.. I love ya :)

  2. I didn't know you were in Texas Em... I plan on moving there someday myself. Glad to see you're onboard the blog train. I've been doing it for years myself.

  3. Uncle Phil! Whoa- cool you're on here.