Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yet I Will Praise You

I watched this when I woke up this morning. Such a great visual, and great words to the words I want to say to Jesus and the way my heart feels sometimes.


Friday, January 14, 2011


Life just seems to happen so fast! It seems as thought yesterday was the 1st day of 2011 and now it is almost the 15th day. It's surreal to me how time passes, so slowly yet so quickly. The last blog from me was over Christmas. What a wonderful Christmas it was, I really enjoyed it and felt like it was a great vacation/visit home. Returning to Austin proved to be just fine, back to work and into the swing of things almost immediately. I've since then celebrated my year anniversary of moving to Texas, working at The Art Institute of Austin and I also celebrated my 23rd year!

My birthday was a joy. Josh and I went out for Sushi on Friday and strolled around the city after, talking and makin' plans. Spending time with Josh is one of my favorite things to do. He has turned out to be such a great friend, the best. A while back we decided to change our relationship up a bit, do some things a little differently and push with all of our might to center our relationship of Jesus. We both came through years of difficult relationships and we had had enough. I feel so blessed every day to know that whatever lies ahead, he is always going to point me to Christ and always walk beside me knowing that God is in the lead. I understand that not everyone has that joy in another person, and I am very grateful for God's mercy and grace on me.

Tonight- I got out of work at 5, I fought traffic and picked up my roomie just in time for Happy Hour at FINO. We had some of the most delicious pita bread and spread my mouth has ever experienced. I always enjoy spending time with Mary, and trying new places to eat! She knows the best spots. From there, I came home and freshened up and ran back out the door to go to the movie with Josh. I met him there and we saw, The Dilemma. It was cute, we got some good laughs. Josh laughed more than I did, which is totally cool because he's too cute when he laughs!! What was odd though was that I sat through almost the entire movie, anxious and my chest felt tight. It was driving me nuts. I wanted to cry. "Why do I feel like this!!! Nothing is wrong with me!! I'm totally happy, content and ok!!" As my brain is thinking this, the movie goes on. I continue to ask God for help, for peace for relief. It always comes, as it did. Josh and I get into the car and immediately I have to talk to him about what I feel and what's going on. His words are so sweet to me, and it means so much to know that he cares. He cares enough to listen, and to respond. As I go on and on, tears start to fill my eyes and just these simple words, "everything is ok," as if God himself was speaking right to my face come out of Josh's mouth. The wisdom and confidence in Christ that Josh brings to the table every day is amazing. I need it, and God knows that. God knows that I need the love of my savior, and the peace only He brings-- and I am so happy that he uses the love of my life to help me see that better.

"Unjust suffering is the perfecting of Salvation" Somewhere in Hebrews...[Josh].

As I continue on my quest to better know Jesus, I feel as though I know Him less. Not unusual, and not a surprise to Him. My hope is in Him and it is to keep pressing into the Lord and seeking what I am to learn from all of this. One thing that I do know is that God is faithful, and we are sinners, undeserving- but loved enough to be saved. Don't take it for granted, don't continue to run away from the best thing this life has to offer. Just stop, take a deep breath and receive a fresh new start from the One who created it all, every second of every day.