Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm back! With a new last name.

I thought I'd copy my husband, and start blogging again today. I could have been blogging every day for the past 3 weeks because I have honestly had so much time on my hands. Looking back, I haven't been using the time very wisely. I should have a job by now! Honestly.

So almost 1 month ago, I got married! My husband, Joshua Rickard, and I tied the knot on August 20th, 2011. My last post was when he proposed. I literally have not posted since that day. WOW. Guess you could say I was a little busy. We planned our wedding in about 5 months. It was perfect, absolutely perfect. The wedding was in Saugatuck/Douglas, MI. We had the ceremony at a quaint little chapel on a hill called, The Lakeshore Chapel. It is so stunningly beautiful that I didn't even decorate. Why did I want to decorate a historical, 100+ year old building. It had all the character I could have ever asked for. Thanks Uncle Dony for finding that- it truly was straight out of my dreams. Find pictures on .

The reception was held at my Uncle Dony's marina/yacht club. This is his second home, pride and joy and probably his favorite place to always be. There are several yachts, large house boats, jet ski's, dinghy's. It's right off Lake Michigan, on the Kalamazoo River, surrounded by million dollar homes. I couldn't have thought of a better location. We had a tent, lights, music, food, flowers, tables, chairs... stars, friends and laughter. It seemed like everyone had a good time. The night went by so fast. I wanted to talk to people, and hug them and take pictures with them. I guess that's what other peoples weddings are for ;) I think back to that day, that night- that week- and I can't believe it's over! It was so perfect, so unique, so beautiful and stressful! Man, what I would give to have not been so stressed on the days following up to the wedding. As a bride.. there was just a lot of pressure. I'm sure someone out there understands. The good thing is... when I think back, I take a deep sigh and smile because it was good.

We took a couple days for a honeymoon up in northern michigan :) I wish we could have stayed for several days and went everywhere up there. It's so beautiful and peaceful. I could hear myself breathing. It was the perfect honeymoon destination... for us.

Now we are back in Austin. It's hot. It's so so so so so stinking hot. My car has no air. We could get it fixed... but for some reason neither of us have even mentioned taking it in. I have no idea why because every time I drive somewhere, day or night, I get pretty angry at how sweaty I instantly become. I guess I'd rather invest my money into other things... ;) I start cosmetology school September 28th. I'm actually terrified. I'm 23 years old, and I've never had a creative drop of anything come out of me. But I want to do hair. People who do hair always seem to be funky, and fun and cool and have pink streaks in their hair. I want to know the trade, I want to learn it and perfect it and do it so well. I know my previous statement was a bit of a generalization, but I still am so scared I won't fit it! I thought feelings like that went away after high school :D. To be completely honest I haven't had anyone touch my hair since February- it's dead and discolored. Hopefully no one notices!

Josh is still plugging away at FAS. He's ready for what's next! School?!?! We hope so. Transcripts are on their way:) I'm so proud of him- he's so dedicated and such a hard worker. Please be in prayer with us on what our next move is. Especially for Josh, school and career paths. We are really excited about what doors are going to be opened for him- and we try desperately to rest in the fact that God is sovereign and in control. Again- prayer for this specifically is so welcomed and received!

I'm looking forward to Christmas :) Just had to say it! Family, Food, SNOW, MICHIGAN. All of the things I love... and then some.

Bye! Emily

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